Game of Thrones

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground”

But what about after playing the Game of Thrones? There is a 10-month wait for the next 10 episodes to air. What am I going to do? I’m not a book reader, but I guess I’m going to buy the next book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series titled “The Winds of Winter” which is due to release this year. It’s like waiting for the latest gadget¬†to release. I feel like one of those many actors who won’t be returning to the show because of their untimely shocking deaths. At least I can wait for 10 months for the next season, but poor guys, they don’t get to return unless they turn into white walkers though! ūüėÄ

That has been the USP of the show – If you like a character then¬†he is surely gonna¬†die very soon and when you least expect it. Also¬†if you don’t like a¬†character then he will stay for a season or two. People’s¬†favorite Lord Eddard Stark didn’t survive the first season and characters like Ramsay Snow is still alive and kicking(quite literally)¬†till Season Five.

It’s like George R. R. Martin, the writer of the book, doesn’t like House Stark. Lord Eddard Stark and¬†anyone who is even closely related to him are¬†dead. Right from¬†Sansa Stark’s¬†direwolf “Lady” to¬†Ned’s¬†bastard son Jon Snow, almost everyone is dead. Oh come on, it took like Four¬†seasons of the show to kill the first Lannister and just the first¬†few¬†episodes of the show¬†to kill a Stark.¬†Gimme a break.

I expected Jon Snow to marry Daenerys Targaryen and rule Westeros together hence justifying the title of the book – A¬†Song of Ice and Fire, but after the Season Five’s finale it’s getting interesting. I know many will stop watching since Jon Snow is not going to return. One of my favorite characters too. In fact¬†I’ll be more disappointed if he returns in spite of those¬†stabs. They better start off Season Six properly. But no matter what happens, we will still watch the show ha ha ha ūüėõ ūüėÄ

April 2016, please come soon!

No more waiting for Mondays. Everybody hates Mondays, but I eagerly waited for the new Game of Thrones¬†episode. I need to find a filler TV show till the next season begins. Until then “Valar Morghulis”

The last 45 days I was so much occupied with the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012. With another week to go for the Final Match, I was wondering how’s life going to be after the IPL.

No more LIVE matches in stadium, No more arguments about the best team in the IPL, No more TV after office hours, No more Super Selector (Fantasy Game). Though IPL is in its 5th year, I’m personally not bored with the entertainment that comes with it. IPL is still a topic is every phone call with friends, office meetings, lunch time discussion, Facebook and now even my Blog!¬†After the Finals, we might have to find new topics for discussion!

I would like to give special credit to Super Selector for keeping me so much involved with IPL. Me and couple of my friends are playing this Fantasy Game where we select 11 players from the IPL teams who we think will play well in the match and based on the player’s runs, wickets, catches, run-outs we score points and bonus points for 50s, 100s, strike rates and 3, 4, 5-wicket hauls. Any player we make captain will score double the points he scored for that match.

So we were following each and every match though the team we were supporting was not playing. Sometimes even when the team we supported was playing, we had to support the opposition because we had selected a player from that team. It was awesome fun analyzing every match and predicting who’ll play well in the next match. Sitting on the chair of a Team Selector was a great experience. All the cricketing knowledge we possessed of Indian and International players were put to good use throughout the IPL.

All this will be seriously missed post IPL. Well, we can play Super Selector for other International tournaments as well but the fun wont be the same. The big pool of players IPL has and with matches played daily and the drama there is in every match, no other tournament can be matched.

Life after IPL is going to be different. I don’t remember how life was before IPL ūüôā This, I would say, is the first IPL I followed so closely and I will miss every bit of it in my daily life. All I can do is¬†eagerly¬†wait for IPL 2013 and involve more friends to play Super Selector and have even more fun! Until then goodbye to all the DLF Maximum’s and the CITI moment of success’ and the Karbon Kamaal catches!!

Third Coming!

Posted: April 21, 2012 in I, Me, Myself

Hi Folks! This is the second time I’m restarting my blog after I first posted way back in August, 2006. So this would be my third-first post of my blog! ūüôā It reminds me of George Clooney’s dialogue in Ocean’s Twelve, “This is my second-third anniversary!”. ¬†This is also my first post from the Garden City! Hello from Bangalore!

So I’m back with a new look to my page, fresh thoughts and better experiences to share.¬†The only reason I could think of, about getting back to blogging is that I am bored of wasting time! I thought lets put it to some good use! Well, at the moment, the best use of ¬†my present time is to get some sleep ;). Its post 4AM on a late Friday night. You can go through the blog and leave feedback if any. Good Night and have a Happy Weekend!

Merrier Christmas!

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Festival

Its that time of the year when I’m at home.. here in Kerala for Christmas! Every year, on this day, I look back and see how the year has gone by. And this time it was the year 2009, where there have been many changes in my life, many achievements, thankfully very few losses and as always great moments. Where ever I go, different places with different people around, still I come back to this awesome church to celebrate Christmas.

In this last year I earned my Bachelors Degree and got myself admitted into a reputed university for my Masters. I shifted from Hyderabad to Manipal. Lot of free time in between which I never had for the last three years. Made new friends and had great moments with them. Its rather easy to put the whole year in three to four lines but looks like every time when I celebrate Christmas, instead of having a Merry Christmas, I’m having a Merrier Christmas than the previous year. Hope I have a Merrier Christmas next year too!

Time goes by pretty fast

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I still remember those days way back in July when I was waiting to get to my new college.. and now I already finished my first semester. Time does travel so fast. It was a great experience of four months in Manipal. New place, new friends, new language added new flavor into my life. Experienced lot of rain in Manipal that I might not have experienced in my whole life! There are only two known seasons in there i.e., rainy (ofcourse) and summer. My favorite winter is missing. ūüė¶

Days and weeks passed by very soon. On a routine day in MIT, I go from hostel to college and then food court to lab and then back to hostel.. I didn’t do so much walking my whole life as compared to this semester!

Back home now. A much needed break from the hectic schedule. It was a busy 10 days of exams. The tea at midnight and getting up late in the morning were the order of the day. The non-stop preparation led to satisfying exams. Just another 10 more days for the vacation to end.. Oh no! Time does travel so fast!

A week in Gods Own Country!

Posted: October 4, 2009 in I, Me, Myself

KeralaFor the last one week I was on a holiday to my native land, Kerala, also know as the Gods Own Country! Enjoyed mom’s recipes especially the fish! Many varieties made both in dry and wet! I was bored with the chicken from the food court so this was a nice break for my diet. I also saw few mallu(malayalam) flicks after a long time and more importantly I could speak malayalam with someone unlike here in MIT where there aint any mallus! I missed the visit to the beach because of the bad weather :(. Enjoyed watching cricket with family.

A hectic week ahead as I missed few classes of last week and also second internals and assignments round the corner. Monday and Tuesday I got assignments. Submission of seminar report on Wednesday and then from Thursday to Saturday I got my second internals! You must be wondering how am I sitting and writing this post! lol!

Adios, Sayonara!

The week that was!

first aid

It started with my first sessionals(internal exams) of my MTech in MIT on 14 September. What an auspicious day as it was also my 22nd birthday! Three hectic days, five exams spoiled the whole idea of fun in the campus. On 16th, all of us were still not convinced that we were done with the exams and we are “supposed” to party and enjoy. Well I guess one of us did want to enjoy a lot as he(Vikram) was chasing another guy down the stairs and until he finally twisted his ankle! Ambulance was called and he was soon taken to the hospital!

While we were on our way for a cup of coffee the same night, Vikram returned back from hospital. We helped him to his room which delayed our coffee! As usual we took our coffee and were sitting on the footpath and having a chat when suddenly we saw something fall down from the top of girls hostel, adjacent to our hostel, which also made a noise like a water bottle or a heavy book falling on the ground! But, suddenly we saw something moving like a hand! All of us ran towards “it” to find a girl fallen flat on the ground!!!


I’m not going to disclose the identity of the super girl, don’t even ask! ūüėõ We called up the ambulance, again, and in the mean time we were asking her the reason for her intrepid, rather stupefied act. Let me tell you, only a bunch of us know the real story behind this! The version caretaker of the hostel and most of the hostel mates know is that her cell phone slipped from the window while she was talking and on her attempt to reach for it, even she slipped and landed on the ground from the second floor.

ya, I know its a dumb story to fool the caretaker! Here goes the real story.. The super girl returned from a party where she was drunk with his boyfriend who actually ditched her and told her not to contact him ever again. She wanted to meet him at that part of the night for which she had to come out of the hostel which she couldn’t from the main door and hence the shortcut. From the window to the sunshade and slowly sneak out using the pipes was the plan which eventually didn’t go well! She was boasting about her athleticism while crying in pain on the ground. All of us thought and even she was damn sure that her back is out of order for the rest of her life and in turn she will be of no use in the future! ūüėõ lol!

Meanwhile the ambulance arrived and guess what she got up slowly and I was sure she didn’t hurt her back. And steadily she stood on the ground which showed me that even her legs were also fine! The attender pulled out the stretcher only to find the girl open the front door to sit beside the driver! lol! My friends were so sure she hurt herself and it was the drinks that made her feel painless! I was right after the medical reports came out. She is all fine except for a sprain on her right hand. Miraculous escape indeed.

A quite party on Saturday night followed by a movie on Sunday. Nothing can overshadow the 16th night ‘cus when we were dull and were waiting for something to happen, it really did!

Party Time
Time to write something about my last weekend! We had a look at the pubs around MIT here in Manipal. There are few around like Dee Tee, Sky Lounge, Blue Waters, Down Town, etc. Well we had no clue about any of them to choose where we party. Just randomly we selected Down Town and what a great decision it turned out to be!

It was Saturday night and what a great time to party. Our internal exams actually got postponed which was scheduled to the coming Thursday so we thought to just go out and freak! We were six of us – all guys – ya I know stag entry, but it was fun nevertheless! We obviously got no table and well who wanted it! lol! We got place to sit, ordered our drinks and were listening to the rock music which was being played and the TV was showing some boring bolly song in channel V.

Everything was normal until they put on ‘System of a down – Toxicity’ song with its video in the TV. The whole place got alive. My friend finished his beer bottoms up! Later, ESPN was turned on and the match preview of Manchester United and Arsenal was underway. It couldn’t get better than this! All of us were cheering for Man U – “come on Man U” – except one guy who was unfortunately Arsenal fan. lol. He had his laugh when the score read 0-1 after the first half.

All of us were out of our mind by that time because of the drinks. We just kept ordering one after the other! We were literally drinking like a Fish! lol! We were dancing to the rock music. Though we didn’t know it, we were singing! And Manchester in the end won the game as it does always! The perfect end to a great weekend party night!

Sadly, All good things come to an end! But, an other weekend, an other place, you may never know! lol!

I came across this song ‘The Same Parents’ from Enigma’s new album ‘Seven Lives, Many Faces’ released last year. The lyrics is really awesome and impressive. Its so very true!


“We all had the same parents
Many million years ago
Why can’t we live in freedom
Without hunger, with no war?

At the beginning we all had
One mother and one father
That’s where we’re descending from
I don’t, I don’t understand why so much hate

Between races, and religions
It’s mad, insane
I don’t understand
Why it has to be like that?

We all had the same parents
Many million years ago
Why can’t we live in freedom
Without hunger, with no war?

I don’t, I don’t understand
why so much hate
Between races and religions”

I guess its something meant for the leaders who are interested in war and corruption!

My first post from Manipal. I reached here on August 2 and things are going pretty good down here. Classes are going on great, busy with labs. Schedule is pretty hectic here. We got 6-day week with working hours from 8AM to 5PM for three days and till 12:30PM the remaining days.

The food in the Food Court is awesome but now kind of getting bored of the same old awesome food, lol! I joined the gym and am working out daily evening, just to keep myself in shape! I’m staying in the 3rd floor of 8th block in the MIT hostels and there is no lift. I am probably in the best floor you would want to be in this building because TV room is in the 5th floor which is closer than other floors below and we have TT table in this same floor, so no need to walk at all! I play till late night!

Weekends have been cool. I went to the End point. Its a valley view and was really great with the clouds in the same altitude to where we were standing. Another weekend for some shopping and a movie “kaminey” didn’t like it though.

Lately it has been raining here. From the last weekend its pouring for almost six days continuously until yesterday when finally the sun came out from under the clouds. Thank god ‘cus I even lost my umbrella. I hope the rainy season is done for this year and I needn’t have to buy another umbrella!

I will come up with some campus pics. Its 23:26hrs and I’m signing off. Gudnite!