Posted: October 20, 2006 in Movie Review
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“Farhan Akhtar jaisi picture baanana mushkil hi nahin shayad na mumkin hai!”

As a filmmaker Farhan undertook the mammoth task of remaking a classic starring the biggest superstar Hindi cinema has ever scene. A film although thirty plus years old, still fresh in the audiences mind. But from the first scene of the film, you realize that Farhan’s ‘Don’ is not only a more stylish, gadget savy, today’s generation film but, it’s a film with a lot more twists and turns with Farhan taking the story to the next level.

There were many questions raised with regard to the remake, especially revolving around the casting of Shah Rukh Khan, but on seeing the film you come to realize that Farhan has made the right choice because this ‘Don’ may mouth a lot of the dialogues from the original, and yet is not really the same ‘Don’.

The introduction sequence of ‘Don’ happens in Paris and is something which is not there in the original. While Bachchan’s ‘Don’ was extremely understated and subtle, Shah Rukh’s Don is definitely not understated; he is meant to be arrogant; flashy and a kinda know it all person.

The best dialogues of the film have all been retained from “Mujhe uske joothe pasand nahin the” to “Mujhe do kisam ki ladki pasand nahin” to Pran’s “main tumse itni nafrat nahin karta jitna apne bete se pyar” but they all have a different style and impact.

The interval point takes you to the point where the original ended; it also throws one of the film’s two biggest twists at the audience. Several scenes which in essence are the same as the original have been changed in terms of treatment; for example in the original when Don (now Vijay) is “taken back” by his gang, they send Roma to the hospital as a nurse to mastermind his escape; here the escape is a more stylish one on the roads of Kuala Lumpur with Roma on a motorcycle. When Don/Vijay escapes from the police while being transferred from one jail to another this time the escape happens on an airplane and there are several other such alterations in the film which make the events and dialogues of the original a bit more interesting for the viewer who knows the original by heart by offering those same scenes and lines with a fresher more stylish perspective and execution.


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