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A week in Gods Own Country!

Posted: October 4, 2009 in I, Me, Myself

KeralaFor the last one week I was on a holiday to my native land, Kerala, also know as the Gods Own Country! Enjoyed mom’s recipes especially the fish! Many varieties made both in dry and wet! I was bored with the chicken from the food court so this was a nice break for my diet. I also saw few mallu(malayalam) flicks after a long time and more importantly I could speak malayalam with someone unlike here in MIT where there aint any mallus! I missed the visit to the beach because of the bad weather :(. Enjoyed watching cricket with family.

A hectic week ahead as I missed few classes of last week and also second internals and assignments round the corner. Monday and Tuesday I got assignments. Submission of seminar report on Wednesday and then from Thursday to Saturday I got my second internals! You must be wondering how am I sitting and writing this post! lol!

Adios, Sayonara!