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Merrier Christmas!

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Festival

Its that time of the year when I’m at home.. here in Kerala for Christmas! Every year, on this day, I look back and see how the year has gone by. And this time it was the year 2009, where there have been many changes in my life, many achievements, thankfully very few losses and as always great moments. Where ever I go, different places with different people around, still I come back to this awesome church to celebrate Christmas.

In this last year I earned my Bachelors Degree and got myself admitted into a reputed university for my Masters. I shifted from Hyderabad to Manipal. Lot of free time in between which I never had for the last three years. Made new friends and had great moments with them. Its rather easy to put the whole year in three to four lines but looks like every time when I celebrate Christmas, instead of having a Merry Christmas, I’m having a Merrier Christmas than the previous year. Hope I have a Merrier Christmas next year too!

Time goes by pretty fast

Posted: December 20, 2009 in I, Me, Myself

I still remember those days way back in July when I was waiting to get to my new college.. and now I already finished my first semester. Time does travel so fast. It was a great experience of four months in Manipal. New place, new friends, new language added new flavor into my life. Experienced lot of rain in Manipal that I might not have experienced in my whole life! There are only two known seasons in there i.e., rainy (ofcourse) and summer. My favorite winter is missing. 😦

Days and weeks passed by very soon. On a routine day in MIT, I go from hostel to college and then food court to lab and then back to hostel.. I didn’t do so much walking my whole life as compared to this semester!

Back home now. A much needed break from the hectic schedule. It was a busy 10 days of exams. The tea at midnight and getting up late in the morning were the order of the day. The non-stop preparation led to satisfying exams. Just another 10 more days for the vacation to end.. Oh no! Time does travel so fast!