Time goes by pretty fast

Posted: December 20, 2009 in I, Me, Myself

I still remember those days way back in July when I was waiting to get to my new college.. and now I already finished my first semester. Time does travel so fast. It was a great experience of four months in Manipal. New place, new friends, new language added new flavor into my life. Experienced lot of rain in Manipal that I might not have experienced in my whole life! There are only two known seasons in there i.e., rainy (ofcourse) and summer. My favorite winter is missing. 😦

Days and weeks passed by very soon. On a routine day in MIT, I go from hostel to college and then food court to lab and then back to hostel.. I didn’t do so much walking my whole life as compared to this semester!

Back home now. A much needed break from the hectic schedule. It was a busy 10 days of exams. The tea at midnight and getting up late in the morning were the order of the day. The non-stop preparation led to satisfying exams. Just another 10 more days for the vacation to end.. Oh no! Time does travel so fast!

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