Life After IPL

Posted: May 18, 2012 in I, Me, Myself, IPL
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The last 45 days I was so much occupied with the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012. With another week to go for the Final Match, I was wondering how’s life going to be after the IPL.

No more LIVE matches in stadium, No more arguments about the best team in the IPL, No more TV after office hours, No more Super Selector (Fantasy Game). Though IPL is in its 5th year, I’m personally not bored with the entertainment that comes with it. IPL is still a topic is every phone call with friends, office meetings, lunch time discussion, Facebook and now even my Blog! After the Finals, we might have to find new topics for discussion!

I would like to give special credit to Super Selector for keeping me so much involved with IPL. Me and couple of my friends are playing this Fantasy Game where we select 11 players from the IPL teams who we think will play well in the match and based on the player’s runs, wickets, catches, run-outs we score points and bonus points for 50s, 100s, strike rates and 3, 4, 5-wicket hauls. Any player we make captain will score double the points he scored for that match.

So we were following each and every match though the team we were supporting was not playing. Sometimes even when the team we supported was playing, we had to support the opposition because we had selected a player from that team. It was awesome fun analyzing every match and predicting who’ll play well in the next match. Sitting on the chair of a Team Selector was a great experience. All the cricketing knowledge we possessed of Indian and International players were put to good use throughout the IPL.

All this will be seriously missed post IPL. Well, we can play Super Selector for other International tournaments as well but the fun wont be the same. The big pool of players IPL has and with matches played daily and the drama there is in every match, no other tournament can be matched.

Life after IPL is going to be different. I don’t remember how life was before IPL 🙂 This, I would say, is the first IPL I followed so closely and I will miss every bit of it in my daily life. All I can do is eagerly wait for IPL 2013 and involve more friends to play Super Selector and have even more fun! Until then goodbye to all the DLF Maximum’s and the CITI moment of success’ and the Karbon Kamaal catches!!

  1. thambyz says:

    2 months 4 a single league…!!!! another reason why i should never watch IPL.. 🙂

    • AMIT says:

      This is far better than EPL. That goes on for months together! 🙂

      • If you think IPL is better than EPL, then I’m sure even Lalit Modi will be surprised coz he himself copied the format from EPL. But regardless, Good Blog Post, and you should start watching football too. It is a complete year of entertainment. And before you say IPL is better than EPL, think of the history that clubs like Manchester United or Chelsea or any other club has. Incomparable with the so called Bangalore or Kolkata

      • AMIT says:

        My comment was in reply to the previous comment. My comparison was only on the time taken for the season to get over. And you really can’t compare 2 different sports’ clubs! Can you? 🙂

      • thambyz says:

        i think this is the reason why i dont even know about EPL 🙂 … basically i wont watch sports.. i just get the news about who is playing and who won 🙂

  2. Wait for the Euros man!! You should watch that too for a month. 😉

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