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For the last 8 days at least for some part of the day I was traveling in train from one city to another. I was traveling across the southern states of India through Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
It all started on 4th of July when I boarded the sabari express to Hyderabad from Trivandrum via Tamil Nadu. After a 30-hour journey I finally reached secunderabad on 5th at 1PM.
On 6th I went to my college which is an hour and a half journey in train to get my provisional certificate and for a change I came back by bus! On 7th July, I started back to kerala and reached Trivandrum on 8th. I could take little rest till 9th evening as I started to Manglore from Trivandrum for my MTech counseling and reached there on 10th morning. After the counseling on 11th July I started back to Trivandrum in the evening to reach on 12th morning to end the marathon train journey I started a week back!
It ended on a happy note as I got a seat in MTech CSE in MIT, Manipal!

HYDERABAD ka Ladka !!!

Posted: August 31, 2006 in I, Me, Myself
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A Place to Live in …

Hyderabad is among the few Indian cities which has a well preserved cultural heritage very much like the Nawabs of Lucknow and of Awadh (in U.P.), Hyderabad invokes nostalgia among old residents for it’s culture, fine arts and a certain sophistication in manners comparing it with “Garden of Eden”.

Hyderabad in one of major growing cities in India . The total extent of Hyderabad Metropolitan area (HMA) is 1868 Sq.Km and the total population of is about 63.83 Lakhs as per 2001 census.

Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is a statutory agency of Government of Andhra Pradesh, with the responsibility of planning and developing the HMA in association with various other local agencies. HUDA prepares various planning documents including the Master Plan for HMA and formulates Urban Development schemes at the Metropolitan level with specific reference to infrastructure development, decongestion etc..,

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AMIT – Hyderabad ka Ladka