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” … tonight we dine in Hell !! “

Those were the words that captivated me from the trailer.

To me 300 was a great movie. Though it might be considered a very simplistic, “for blood and glory” movie, I believe it was done really well. Plus the cinematography was absolutely breath taking.

300 takes us back to about 500 years before the birth of Christ to a time when men who dreamed of conquering the world — at least what was known of it — could actually do so. At that time, the all powerful conqueror was Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), a man whose ego may have been the only thing bigger than his substantial army. As Xerxes made his way across the Mediterranean leaving subjugated peoples in his wake, he set his sights on Greece.

The fight scenes were brilliant, probably the best I have ever seen. Yes they were gruesome also, but some of the unbelievable. I can’t even imagine how they were able to pull them off. Must watch a “Behind the Scenes” special or something.

The way the people moved really looked like they were part of a superior army. Always in shape and form, ready to strike, kill, and defend. Except for one scene, where the guy didn’t watch his back. Not a good move in times of war.

300 - The man with the 8 pack

Even without much clothes they look absolutely awesome. Usually you need some sort of armor to even remotely look cool. These guys didn’t need that. Especially when they lunged at their enemies, in all manners of form!

I wonder how many people would be interested in ancient history now.
Now I want a red crimson cloak that I can parade around in.

I definitely recommend watching this movie! The best part about this movie! It was hardly censored at all !!

Just watch this movie for yourself and you’ll realize that it looks damn cool !!

Numerology teaches that the entire Universe, both thoughts or ideas and physical substance is a manifestation of positive and negative forces. The positive and negative forces make up the cosmic vibrations.

In Numerology, there are 9 elemental cosmic vibrations symbolized by the single digits 1 thru 9. There are 2 Master cosmic vibrations symbolized by the Master Numbers 11and 22. These Master Numbers are beyond the range of normal human experience. The experiences these numbers bring are only for the highly enlightened and the highly evolved. The numbers 11 and 22 never stop creating the future. They are the thresholds to change and progress. According to Numerology, everything within this range that is manifest in the Universe can be explained.

Numerology explains each numerical vibration. Each number represents a spectrum of related concepts ranging from positive and progressive to negative and destructive. You are free to choose which aspect of the vibration you will incorporate and use. You can build with the positive aspect and progress, or use the negative and find setbacks and even ultimate destruction.

Numerology can establish basic structure and can predict the potential for the future. What you do with your tools and your potential environment is ultimately up to you.

In Numerology, your Birth name reveals the things you want out of life, your daydreams and fantasies, your natural abilities, the basic tools you have acquired to build with now and in the future, your karma, and lessons you have already experienced but perhaps not mastered.

In Numerology, your Birth date reveals your destined path through life, a personalized timetable of experiences both challenging and rewarding…pitfalls and obstacles together with peaks and natural highs.

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