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Posted: August 27, 2006 in Festival
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Today is the start of Ganpati – a 9 day long festivity dedicated to the incredibly adorable elephant God.

Get ready for 10 days of Ganpati! Some of you might get sick of seeing these, but this is one of my favorite hindu festival…

The story goes that Shiva, the great god, had challenged Ganesh and his brother Kartik to go around the universe three times. While Kartik took off in great haste on his peacock to complete the task, Ganesh walked his portly figure around his parents, Shiva and Parvati, and declared that he had accomplished the task as his parents were the totality of the universe. Shiva was quite pleased at Ganesh’s strategy and granted that Ganesh will be invoked before the invocation of any other gods when anyone embarks on any task.

I’ve always had trouble keeping track of Hindu gods, some of which are the same force reincarnated, like Shiva, Brama, Vishnu, Kalki. But Ganesha seems like an all around good guy and positive force, who got an elephant’s head when his father, Shiva, chopped off his original one. At least dad was considerate enough to put something else onhis bleeding son’s neck. Well, Ganesha isn’t really his son, you see Shiva’s wife, Parvati, formed Ganesha out of sandlewood paste and breathed life into him…

Well, the story goes on and on … cause I’m talking about the hindu mythology…

Anyways… HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI to u all folks !!!