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Happy Independence Day, India!

Happy Independence Day 2006 for August 15th this year, India!

Here are 5 reasons (there are infinite many, but these are some) why I will always admire India, and these are not ranked in any order:

1. India is a miracle.

Yes, India is a miracle. It really is not a country put together by a small number of people. India is just happening by itself. It is simply the world’s largest democracy.

2. India is the greatest tourist destination.

Imagine these places – Savoy Man Singh Palace, Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace, Shimla, Mussoorie, Ootacamund, Red Fort, Ajanta and Ellora caves, the Himalayas, proximity to Nepal, surrounded by oceans on 3 sides, all kinds of terrains.

3. Indian Railways is a marvel.

Indian railways is the supreme example of India’s abilities in management and organization. Don’t get me wrong, IIFT and the IIM’s are still good, but to build and maintain the world’s largest railway network cannot be easy.

4. India is non-violent by design.

Well, India never attacked any other country, not even when they attacked India. More from a domestic perspective, it is simply not legal and not affordable for individuals to buy and own guns in India, which I think helps.

5. India is the fastest growing developed country in the world.

I mean it. India is a developed country! It all happened in just the last 2 decades, and all within just less than 60 years of freedom. India is the most affordable place, at the same time with all capabilities of a developed country, satellites, nuclear power, naval command, advanced computers etc.

And here is an Independence Day wish for India! Hope we get a UN Security Council seat or something big like that!