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Posted: June 30, 2009 in I, Me, Myself
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Welcome to MyBlog at WordPress. My first post after importing my blog from yahoo! Its nice to be back blogging after a long break. I guess a relief to my readers. 😛

At the moment do check the interesting post from the archive.

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With the world cup around the corner, the question on every body’s mind is who will win the cup. Will it be an Aussie Hattrick or will some other team take away the honours?

The World Cup trophy has been damaged while on display in India. A gold ring below the coins depicting previous winners of the tournament got detached from the wooden base of the trophy, which was made in England at an estimated cost of US$80,000.

A golden sun, wonderful beaches, yacht trips around the world are the things people have in mind when going to the Caribbean. But these things will be the last ones on their mind when the world cup begins, and the best 16 teams in the world contest for the biggest prize of cricket on earth.

Now with the injuriesand the dope test the world cup might have lost some of its sheen, but a lot still remains, there by making it one sporting event to be watched out for. For the Aussies who have had their aura of invincibility, they might want to turn the tables on the other teams to prove their might. With Ponting, Clark and Symonds fit and ready to fire all cylinders the Aussie juggernaut might prove a tough one to be stopped.

Windies playing in their own backyard will be quite align to the conditions. Also they have been on a steady roll since last year, so they have build a good momentum before entering into the tournament. With the home crowd’s support behind them they might prove to be a tough nut to crack.

The Lankan Lions were shaping up quite well until they came to India, where they were beaten badly in the ODI series. This might have bruised their chances for the trophy. But with rested Vaas and Murli back in their ranks, they might prove to be a handful.

Kiwis will enter the cup with their tales up after washing up the Aussies 3-0 in the ODIs. All their players are in good form and are peaking just at the right time. As fit an outfit as they are, it seems that they have maximized their chances this season for lifting the title, which has always been eluding them.

Being crowned the ODI’s number one team, The Proteas have received just the right medicine for the world cup. They are on the right track which they proved after demolishing both Indian and Pakistani team. But as always it has been, they have always chocked on the big stage. In every world cup which they have played, they looked unbeatable, but at the end moment they just lost the plot and luck completely deserted them. We have to keep our fingers crossed as this one might prove to be theirs.

Pakistan as we already know have been a mercurial outfit who have shown their mettle in big tournaments. They have always risen from the ashes like a phoenix whenever they looked to be in complete tatters. After losing out Akhtar and Asif to dope tests, they will be entering the tournament with the point to prove.

England, the country which gave birth to cricket, but never won the world cup itself. Losing three times in the finals, they have always surprised the cricketing pandits with their on field performance. Defeating the Aussies in the tri-series final being their only creditable win in this season, much cannot be expected from them.

Finally, India. This Indian team seems to have just the right balance. They have highly experienced players in the line-up and also the youth who will prove electric on the field. Also as this may be the last world cup for the likes Kumble, Sachin, Ganguly and Dravid they would like to sign off on a high note.

Lastly it can be said that strategies on pages will matter little when teams will be on field. For when in the field they would have to strike the correct balance between batting and bowling. It is mostly hard work and a bit of luck which is required to win the cup. But remember teams are always not lucky, so the team which survives the 50 plus days of test in the best way will be crowned champions on 28th April…

Dubai Projects
Palm Island. Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2 000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury. Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced, will be completed as of the end of 2005. Hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional will be thus created.

The World. With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificial islands, seen sky will form a planisphere. If you want to acquire one of these islands, it will cost some to you between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars. Work of fill, already begun, should be completed at the end of 2005.

Dubai Waterfront. Advancing on water of the Gulf, this whole of islands in the shape of crescent will extend on 81 square kilometres. Becoming the greatest sea front in the world, it détrône thus the island from Manhattan in New York.

Old Town. It is the final district of the building site located at the foot of the tower Burj Dubai. This great real complex will include the highest tower of the world, the greatest shopping centre of the world as well as a gigantic residential district

Hydropolis. Entirely assembled in Germany, this underwater hotel will be immersed with broad of Dubai at the end of 2006. It will comprise 220 continuations whose panoramic windows will give on sea-beds. The price of a room for the night would rise with 500 dollars.

Burj Dubai. This phenomenal tower from which construction began last January and will end in 2008 should reach the 800 meters height. The building, built in three parts around a central column, finishes in spiral. It will count 160 stages.

Madinat Al Arab. Here the representation of the one of the districts of the future greater sea front in the world, Dubai Waterfront. This sight accounts for the architectural ambition and the spectacular development of real constructions with Dubaï.

Dubai Marina. new city, of a total cost of 10 billion dollars, will be built on a way of artificial navigation of 4,5 km. It will be able to lodge 120 000 people. Three principal towers will be set up and will bear the name of Arab perfumes

Dubai Sports City. This immense sporting complex of 7.5 km² will accomodate sports such as the cricket, the golf, Rugby, football, the sports of ground, track, and interior (tennis shoe, handball, volley ball). Hotels, residences and villas are also envisaged

Golden Dome. With its 455 m height and its 2,2 million m² of total surface, it will be one of bulkiest and higher buildings of the world. It will shelter 500 000 m² offices, commercial spaces like 3 000 residential apartments.

Dubailand Ski Dome. This ski resort indoor, will comprise inter alia a directional ski piste and tracks of snowboard (with 6 000 tons of true snow). “Pinguinarium”, aquariums four seasons, spa cold and hot… are also envisaged with the program.

Space Science World. Space is one of the subjects exploited in the immense park with topics of Dubailand which has the ambition to become the largest tourist park and of attractions in the world.
Space Science World

The best of Nostradamus’ predictions, of course, is his most famous, the one predicting the events of 9/11.

“In the City of God there will be a great thunder,
Two twin brothers torn apart by Chaos,
while the fortress endures,

the great leader will succumb,

The third big war will begin when the big city is burning”

Wow. That is some chilling stuff. Even with no dates or specific names, “Two twin brothers torn apart by chaos?” Sounds an awful lot like the twin towers. “The fortress endures?” Well, the Pentagon survived the attack, didn’t it?

Has anyone read the book “The Nostradamus Code: World War III”??
It was recently published. It talks about the predictions Nostradamus made for the years 2005-2012. He’s predicted most of what we’re going through now & what we will be going through in the future.
I haven’t read it. Just wondering if anyone here has….or what everyone thinks about it.

Nostradamus picks Spain to win World Cup shocker!

France and Spain meet for the pre-quarter final match to decide who continues in to the last quarter final spot and face Brazil.

But, the bad news for France, is that Nostradamus has predicted Spanish success at the World Cup… The prophecy reads:

“In the sixth month of 2006
the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his troops.
The legions of Beelzebub will battle him in central Europe

but the evil ones will suffer doom and destruction.

The Holy Grail will then come, like the King, to Spain.”

Based on that, France may as well pack up and go home then!

Of course, Nostradamus is famous for his sports-related prophecies. His most famous quatrain foretold the death of Henry II during a contest

The young lion will overcome the old one,
On the field of battle in single combat:
He will burst his eyes in a cage of gold,
Two fleets one, then to die, a cruel death.